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    Smartenise methodology starts with a Proof of Value and for some projects, the assembly of low-cost prototype model. A ”show me, don’t tell me” approach. Once the Proof of Value is determined and a business case put forward, the process moves to the next stage.


    Smartenise establish simplified IIOT connectivity using industry standard devices that enable secure ethernet, wifi, and cellular communication. Sensors are connected with digital or analogue I/O that is configured and managed through a web interface.


    Data which is encrypted is streamed to the secure Smartenise cloud platform where it is structured and processed to enable visualisation and analytics. Access to either historical or real-time event data is available through the platform. Customised real-time dashboards and historical data analysis become available in a format that is easy to understand for the shop floor operator or executive who contributed to its creation.


    Real-time alerts are deployed in the required format, whether email, text, visual or audible alarm. Escalation procedures and guidelines are established in the appropriate hierarchy.